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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Q & A for Jessica

1. untitled by Jessica
2. interativity
3. drawing & guess
5. it does but it really need more elements to it
6. Lusory attitude specialy when u play with people that u dont know
7. 10 i think t really doesnt have lots ofrules
8. yes i did not play this game but i would look at their outfits and figure it out
9. ^^; i wasnt there...
10. i think it ust need more elements in the game that provides more information about other players

like i said in Q10 its too random to have a strategy it needs something... something... something... i will thinkk about it.

thank for the feedbacks

hey thanks for all the feedbacks and i got some solutions
i gonna make a box with wooden bars so that other people can watch from anywhere and players can step on the bars to go up or whatever(do u understand this? or...) i did a drawing for it hope u will get it

and about the who goes first problem Jane, i think i will make dif. version of clothes to wear to make it fair

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Q & A for Roger

1. Divided attention by Roger
3. looking
5. there is a clear goal, but
6. It's visually entertaining so that player are captivated
7. maybe 8 or 9 the game itself explains the rules.
8. NO!!! actually there are but... still random.
9. i didnt understand for what reason groups randomly get combine together.
10. i think that the concept of the game should get more developed. maybe a back story or something.

I think interesting or weird that the strategy of this game is being a nomal person so u dont get eliminated bcuz thinking that Roger is in the fine art school. (does this sentence makes sence?) anyway i was looking at this as an art form than a game. is he being sarcastic or trying to say something. maybe he doesnt even think about it? Roger? sir?u there? looking at this? whatever it is. i think this game has alot of potential so think about it. peace... in the middle east

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Q & A

1. c-walk is the title for Q's game
2. action genre
3. flip
5. yes/ i think it is a game just gotta develop more
6. lusory attitude maybe? but it need more defined rules
7. 1-10... 7 i say its almost there he needs clear rules for nock out and pushing cigarette box
8. yes/ if i wasnt possitive to score i steped back. wanst reallyl like emergnt play but i havent lost a game when i played and poeple got mad and made this game much more intence
10. since game gets so intence i think it needs a rule for when to quit like if you took more then 3 cigarette give 1 cirgarette to apponent to quit? more than 6 then 2? something like that.