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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Q & A for Roger

1. Divided attention by Roger
3. looking
5. there is a clear goal, but
6. It's visually entertaining so that player are captivated
7. maybe 8 or 9 the game itself explains the rules.
8. NO!!! actually there are but... still random.
9. i didnt understand for what reason groups randomly get combine together.
10. i think that the concept of the game should get more developed. maybe a back story or something.

I think interesting or weird that the strategy of this game is being a nomal person so u dont get eliminated bcuz thinking that Roger is in the fine art school. (does this sentence makes sence?) anyway i was looking at this as an art form than a game. is he being sarcastic or trying to say something. maybe he doesnt even think about it? Roger? sir?u there? looking at this? whatever it is. i think this game has alot of potential so think about it. peace... in the middle east


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