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Monday, October 11, 2004

The story thing assingment

I gonna talk about halo once again, cuz we had coolest and nerdy haloparty ever. Ok, so first here's the back story to halo...There's a war between evil alien covenant and innocent humans. One day innocent human spaceship got attack by evil alien covenant. Then, there is the revealed story: So Master chief the MAN and some extras escape from the spaceship and land on mysterious halo. When Master chief is kicking evil aliens' ass, this jerk poo poo face Guilty spark,the librarian of halo, shows up and lead my man to turn on the halo. But, my man finds out that halo was designed to destroy the universe, he destry the halo and save the world. YES!!!
performed stroy- at the halo party, we are playing free for all and poeple thought that my performance was so good, they sold their soul to evil maharaja and decided to gang up on me.
story of play - but i still kicked their anus.

BTW -- Next party will be 10.22.04. More details later. But cancel ur plans and damn it plz practice.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Halo party on wed.

on 10/06/04 wed. halo party at 7:00 in studio 10 (new genres department) multiple projectors and many xboxes. all (semi-good ppl) welcome ...that means u 2 jane! bring $ for pizza!!!!!!!!!

Free game tesing

ther's a free game testing for Ghost Recon2 at mission area on sturday at 11.00 to 6.00 i can't exactly remember where it is I will update this post soon.

Final Game: Site Specific & Scale

Exsquisite Corpse

Elements of Games

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Interactivity in Games

Lusory Attitude